We have re-opened!

Hygiene measures are in place. Please wear a face covering. Cutting appointments are being prioritised for now to allow Morag to attend to the waiting list. Clients wishing a colour can arrange this. Permanent waving will resume soon. New clients are warmly welcomed as existing ones are! 

​Thank you all for your patience. 

​Please note- our prices have not changed.

hair salon

Aquarius Hair Design, Earlston, Scottish Borders.

Your Award winning Hair Salon!

01896 848921

Our classic car event held on 13th aug 2017 was a great success!

Many thanks to all the owners who kindly brought their beautiful vehicles along.

​Sincere thanks to all the neighbours who generously allowed my event sole use of the road for that morning.

We received fantastic feedback afterwards from everyone!

Glad you all enjoyed it!